It is vital to start the day with the body and soul awake. If you have no time to go to a fitness gym, we have the perfect alternative for you. Fitness equipment for the home. Especially when the weather is bad, small work-out sessions at home are just the thing. Before you get started, you should set a fitness training target. That training target will shape your decision on which pieces of fitness equipment you should use. Whether you want to do power training or stamina building, you can incorporate our fitness equipment into your training.

No less interesting than massage chairs and equipment, are Casada’s fitness equipment. Innovative training equipment such as Power Board 2.1 or the vibration dumbbell can raise the effectiveness of your training by means of vibrations. Your muscles can automatically counterbalance the constant motion. Our diversified range offers you everything from fitness to lifestyle.


helps with muscle fatigue, sore muscles, cramps and hardening

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helps with muscle fatigue, muscle soreness, cramps and hardenings

Powerboard 2.1: die Vibrationsplatte von Casada

PowerBoard 2.1

The vibration plate with bite

Vibrationshantel von Casada

Vibration dumbbell

Adonis & Olympia – heavy dumbbells

Akupressurmatte von Casada

Acupressure mat

The acupressure mat by Casada

StoneSteps: praktische Massage-Sandalen von Casada


Massage sandals by Casada

ReflexMat: die effektive Fußreflexzonenmassage von Casada


Time to relax with foot reflexology!

Why fitness equipment at home is a good idea

The market is full of fitness equipment for the home but it is not all good nor does it help you with your training. If you are one of those people who for New Year makes plans to participate in more sport or lose weight, you are definitely not alone. If you do not like going to the fitness gym, because you do not have time or because there are too many other people there, you should get yourself some fitness equipment for the house. The same applies if you cannot afford to go the gym, knowing that you cannot be there all the time. A further advantage of fitness equipment at home is not only the time but often reasons for avoiding the gym include personal reluctance, cold weather, rain, or time of day. At home you do not have these problems.

Fitness equipment and massage fitness

In our assortment you will find not only fitness equipment for the home but also equipment which keeps you fit through massage. Our acupressure mat is the ideal product to reduce tension. Your own body weight is distributed evenly over soft needle points which have been carefully placed. Our Nexo neck cushion accompanies you on both short and long car journeys. Neck tension can be avoided through the use of the Nexo neck cushion. In case you have not heard of our Bio Vital Foot bath, we thoroughly recommend our detoxifying piece of equipment. With the Bio Vital footbath you can detox and purify your body. As well as our fitness equipment, we can offer you a multitude of other devices for massage and well-being. See for yourself. We are also happy to give you individual advice on each and every product.

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