Are you often stressed, tired and exhausted? Do you have swollen and painful legs? Or do you just need some time-out from daily life? Discover the multi-functional massage equipment from Casada International. Treat yourself to some time-out and take care of those moments of well-being.

Casada massage equipment can relax you physically and mentally as well as give you a new lease of life. Whether it is s question of body stimulation or massage with heat treatment, your tissue can be relieved, your muscles relaxed and your circulation stimulated.

Quattromed IV-S: Massagegerät für pure Entspannung

Quattromed IV-S

Innovative design and pure relaxation

Quattromed V: Massagegerät mit 3D Massage

Quattromed V

Jade combined with 3d massage

Quattromed III: Massagegerät für mehr Wohlbefinden

Quattromed III

Simple and clear – the pioneer

Massage equipment for any place, any time – with folding massage chairs and mats, you stay mobile

Because of the easy methods of transport, these folding seats can be set up anywhere and with flexibility.

Quattromed III LE: Massagegerät für mehr Entspannung

Quattromed III LE

Your key to relaxation

Maxiwell III LE mit Jadesteinen und Tiefenwärme

Maxiwell III LE

Jade stone and deep heat for greater wellbeing

Whether in the car, at the office or in the garden, uncomfortable ground or floor can be made into a comfortable sitting position with the folding massage chairs.

BodyShape LE Massagematte

BodyShape LE

A special kind of massage mat

Miniwell Twist Massagekissen von Casada

Miniwell Twist

The special-design massage cushion

Tappymed III: das Handmassagegerät von Casada

Tappymed III

The relaxed hand massager by Casada

Scoop: das handliche Massagegerät von Casada


Handy massager by Casada

The Quattromed III or Quattromed IV-S are folding massage chairs which can be taken with you everywhere.

If you prefer the prone position, we recommend our massage mat – BodyShape Limited Edition - which has warm vibrations. The BodyShape Limited Edition supports the lymph system and holds the tissue taut through the distribution of bodily fluids.

CelluMax: Massage mit Heating-Effekt von Casada


The massage with heat effect

Eve: die ideale Selbstmassage


Ideal for self-massage

Our product portfolio also offers massage chairs. A massage chair is particularly suitable for massaging the whole body.

VibraPen: der Kugelschreiber mit Massagefunktion


The pen with massage function

Twist2Go: das kompakte Massagegerät


The small but fine massager

Dr. Stone Massagematte mit Turmalin & Jadestein

Dr. Stone

The massage mat with tourmaline and jade stones

Massage equipment against stress – causes, symptoms and what helps against this

In the cases of overloading and poor posture it is often the spine and neck that suffer stress. There are various reasons for this. If muscles are loaded for a long time, there can be insufficient circulation of the blood. This leads to a low level of oxygen, which in turn leads to a lack of oxygen, which in turn leads to damage to the metabolism within the muscle tissue. Finally, those areas involved harden, which can cause pain. The consequent trouble with the circulation must not be underestimated. Because of the pain, the body is forced into an unnatural position in order to avoid further pain. This awkward position leads to more tensing and then more pain. The typical symptoms of tensing are sharp or dull pain. In the cervical spine, the stress and hardening of the muscles stretches from the shoulders to the thoracic spine.

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There can also be cramps, which limits freedom of movement and hardens the affected muscles. To alleviate the pain and loosen the tensing, targeted massage can be used. Appointments with a masseur or physiotherapist often take time. During the day, after work, time is often too short to visit a masseur or physiotherapist. So high quality massage equipment is all the more important. We have developed equipment for all possible areas of the body, so that stress and overloading can be dealt with effectively and selectively. Our handy Scoop Massage equipment is ideal for massaging areas such as the neck, shoulders, arms, legs, feet or back. The Cellumax is massage equipment that offers deep massage. With two interchangeable massage heads, the nervous and circulatory system can be activated and circulation stimulated.

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