Casada foot massagers for soothing foot massages at home

Through reflex nerve circuits, a foot massage can affect the inner organs and relax the mind. Foot massages can also reduce stress and fatigue, improve the metabolism and relax the skin and tissues. Our feet contain 24 muscles which are put under strain with every movement. Pain is caused by bad footwear or hard floors. With targeted foot massages, you could alleviate your foot pain. Casada foot massagers can help you to look after and relax your feet through massage. Our Foot Inn is a wellness hotel for your feet.

Reflex Disc

The massage disc for more relaxation


Wellness for your feet with FootInn.

Canoo V

Proven techniques with Far East mentality.

ReflexoMed II

Light-footed, relaxed, invigorated.

Foot massagers for the home

On average they are between 25 to 45cm long and are capable of taking the weight of a 50 kilos or more person every day, throughout their life. We are talking about our feet. Did you know, that our feet will carry us around the world about three times in the course of a lifetime? Every day, our feet do wonders. On average, we walk between 2,000 – 10,000 steps daily. Unfortunately our feet do not always get the attention and care which they deserve. Only when they hurt do our feet get the attention they need. Modern shoes and high heels are often torture for the feet. Walking on concrete and paved surfaces or walking and standing for a long time causes foot pain. Give your feet a break. Feet take the most strain, so you should treat them to a professional care and soothing relaxation.

Casada foot massagers are electro-mechanical wellness devices which provide a soothing and revitalising massage for feet. Foot massagers can help to relax and care for heavily stressed and strained feet. Especially if you stand for hours or walk or run, you will not want to miss out on our foot massagers. The advantage of our foot massagers it that they massage the feet without needing another person to massage. Foot massagers can encourage local blood circulation and control high blood pressure. Your feet will thank you and enable you to walk through life in the future. With the Canoo V foot massage, we offer you from Casada, a product, which by using air pressure acupressure and heat function, has mastered the Gua Sha massage technique.