Timeout for your feet with FootInn

It is our feet that has to carry us to work, do sport and carry us in our freetime every day. Reward your feet with a beneficial and relaxing massage using FootInn!

Neglecting your feet can have an impact on your entire body. Malposition of the body can lead to muscle spasms. Sleeping problems and cold feet are mainly a consequence of circulation problems. You can eliminate these problems with FootInn!



36 x 34,5 x 16 cm


2 kg


AC 100 -240 V ~ 50/60 Hz

Rated power

18 Watt


15 minutes


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Features and specification

Reflexology regenerates foot muscles and has a harmonizing effect on almost all organs inside your body.

The ideal foot massage with FootInn

FootInn massages the soles of your feet with finely picked rollers and at the same time stimulates toes and heels with the integrated heat function. Go about your daily life in a more relaxed, exhilarating and light-footed way!

Foot reflexology

Compared to a whole body massage foot reflexology has the advantage that there are around 72 000 nerve endings for different organs on the foot. Massages performed in targeted areas can have a positive influence on the body and improve personal wellbeing.

Massage your foot reflex areas with FootInn

Careful massaging of the foot reflex areas may stimulate the metabolism and circulation among other things, prevent clotting and assist the body's self-healing process. The more we look after our feets' vitality the better it is for our body. The feet are understood to be a microsystem in which the entire organism can be reflected and individually cared for.

Rather special wellness holiday for your feet with FootInn

Slip your feet into the slots provided for your feet. You can control FootInn from the comfort of your seat with wireless remote control. You have the option of chosing between three different massage functions. With the massage mode you get a kneading massage, whereas the air mode applies a pleasant compression massage. If you like both massage techniques you should set your FootInn to auto-mode.