ReflexoMed II foot massager with Shiatsu reflex roller

The ReflexoMed II basically massages every area of your foot including the soles.

With its Shiatsu reflex rollers and the beneficial acupressure cushions ReflexoMed II gives you the feeling of having your feet massaged with hands and fingers. With both automatic massage programmes the reflex points on the soles of your feet may be stimulating in a plesant way and for an individual foot massage you can choose from three intensity levels.



48,1 x 40,2 x 24,8 cm


8,5 kg


Input AC 220-240 V ~ 50/60 Hz

Rated power

65 W


15 minutes


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Features and specification
3D Massage

In this new technique, the massage robot not only moves upwards and downwards, but also forwards and backwards.

Acupressure points

Key acupressure points are massaged.


Specifically developed automatic programmes for the whole body, which offer a big range of different massage techniques. Additionally you can also turn on the heating function, if you‘d like.


Reflexology regenerates foot muscles and has a harmonizing effect on almost all organs inside your body.

Foot reflexology

Compared to a whole body massage, foot reflexology has the advantage that there are around 72 000 nerve endings for the different organs on the foot. Massages performed in targeted areas can have a positive influence on the body and improve personal wellbeing. Careful foot reflexology may stimulate the metabolism and circulation among other things, prevent clotting and assist the body's self-healing process. The more we look after our feets' vitality, the better it is for our body. The feet are understood to be a microsystem in which the entire organism can be reflected and cared for individually.

Problems and risks due to neglect in foot treatment

Neglecting your feet can have an impact on your entire body. Poor posture can lead to muscle spasms. Muscle tension can in turn have a detrimental effect on the spine which could lead to further physical damage. Sleeping problems and cold feet are mainly a consequence of circulation problems. Swollen legs, muscle cramps and blood clots are caused by sitting around for excessive periods of time and a lack of movement. Allow your feet enough energy so that the veins embedded in the muscle system can transport the blood around the whole body again. The ReflexoMed II foot massager can help you do this.

Massage techniques in the ReflexoMed II foot massager

The ReflexoMed II foot massager is fitted with many different massage techniques. In addition to the unique foot massage rollers you have the option of choosing between the acupuncture, foot reflexology and air pressure and 3D massage. With the air pressure massage, airbags inflate/deflate causing a pumping movement

Natural muscle reflexes are created using this technique. During the 3d massage the massage robot not only moves above and below us, but also back and forth around us. Of course we also offer the automatic function in the RefelexoMed II. Our specially designed automatic programme offers you many different massage techniques.