Discover the acupressure mat by Casada

With Casada's acupressure mat you can bring the feeling of an age-old technique home with you. In a completely natural way it helps you to relieve stress and relax your muscles in an old-established way and manner - with acupressure!

Effectively stimulate the numerous acupressure points on your skin. Your own body weight is is distributed equally over gentle and intelligently arranged needle points. After just a short while you will feel a comforting pleasant warmth spread over your entire body which will activate your blood circulation. Its perfect size practically fits every body size and can be conveniently rolled up and put in your bag after.



78 x 46 cm


900 g


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Features and specification

Reflexology regenerates foot muscles and has a harmonizing effect on almost all organs inside your body.


Wireless massage device.

Simple relaxation at home with the acupressure mat

Tensions and back pain are becoming more common in society. Especially during the cold autumn and winter months people are plagued with physical complaints. We have designed the acupressure mat for this. The acupressure mat by Casada has many pressure points, whereby acupressure can stimulate circulation on the supported body region. As soon as the blood flow is stimulated a tense muscle can be relaxed again.

Acupressure Massage technique

Often there is not a big difference between standard massage and an acupressure massage. For the most part both massages are very similar. Certain points of the body are massaged lightly to medium strength with the acupressure mat. You can be given the acupressure massage when sitting down, lying down or even when standing up. In order to increase the level of relaxation we recommend playing soft soothing music in the background.

The different acupressure massage techniques

The acupressure mat by Casada enables you to practice many different accupressure massage techniques. The difference in acupressure techniques lies largely in the rhythm and intensity of pressure.

For example whilst with the Shiatsu acupressure massage technique you only exert very strong pressure for only three to five seconds on individual accupressure points, the tapping technique taps certain accupressure points. All acupressure massage techniques are based on the same acupressure points on the body despite their differences.