The Nexo neck cushion makes the difference which is felt

The elegant Nexo neck cushion for a safe and relaxed journey through traffic. Simply attached to the seat of your car, there is a feeling of wellbeing when travelling by car - whether on the way to work or longer leisure trips.

Become somewhat more relaxed with the Nexo neck cushion by Casada. The Nexo neck cushion can relieve your tensions. During long car journeys it is often the case that your head must remain in the same position. Often this leads to unpleasant consequences later on.


Wireless massage device.

The small companion on all trips

Whether short shopping trips, trips to the office or even long trips. The Nexo neck cushion is your reliable companion in the car. You can easily attach the Nexo neck cushion in the car thanks to an elastic strap.

The Nexo neck cushion can be cleaned easily

The surface of the Nexo neck cushion is made of micro-fibre and is especially skin-friendly. Due to the microfibre surface the Nexo neck cushion can be easily washed using a damp cloth.

Relaxed travelling with the Nexo neck cushion

Especially on long car journeys again and again it comes down to tensions in the neck and throat region. To alleviate the throat and the neck parts the ergonomically shaped cushion is used. The Nexo neck cushion gives you the oopportunity to prevent uncomfortable neck tension on long car journeys. You can sit relaxed in the car seat and rely on the Nexo neck cushion. We wish you a good trip!

Compact neck cushion in a wonderful design

The Nexo neck cushion by Casada is 17 x 26.5 cm in size. Overall the neck cushion weighs 222g, making it very light. You can easily attach the neck cusion to the head rest of your car seat using the strap system!



17 x 26,5 cm


222 g


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