Do it for yourself and success is there for the taking - PowerBoard 2.1

Young or old, sporty or preventive - training with the PowerBoard 2.1 is as effective as individual in terms of practicality.

Optimal training success in the long-term certainly requires regular use. Only when your body experiences long-term reasonable stimulation, knees, joints, ligaments and muscles adapt themselves to the load increase. Therefore it is advisable to start gently and then to increase training in order to optimise the body in a sustainable manner.


Dimension upstanding

76 x 113 x 135 cm

Dimension lying

76 x 92 x 185 cm


22 kg


EU: 220-240 V ~ 50/60 Hz
USA: 110-120 V ~ 60 Hz

Rated power

230 W


20 minutes


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Features and specification

Specifically developed automatic programmes for the whole body, which offer a big range of different massage techniques. Additionally you can also turn on the heating function, if you‘d like.


Wireless data transmission.


Massage speed is adjustable.


The Vibration setting moves parts of the body with equal vibrations, which penetrate deeply into the muscles. This stimulates the circulation in the muscles.

The PowerBoard 2.1 vibration plate with premium technology

The vibration plate by Casada was designed in such a way that it is easy to handle for everybody. With remote-control you can choose between three automatic programmes. Furthermore you can set up your own training for the PowerBoard 2.1 manually.

The PowerBoard 2.1 vibration plate for you

The PowerBoard 2.1 belongs to the group of effective vibration plates on the market. Even without additional weights and without overloading the body, you will achieve unbelievable success with training for 10 minutes 3 times a week. Choose between the refined training programmes and be rewarded with a tight, sleek body.

How does the PowerBoard 2.1 vibration plate work?

Stimulated fat burning, intra and inter muscular stimulation, greater strain on the muscle system, more effective training with shorter time intervals, better removal of toxic matter: The PowerBoard 2.1 offers you this all. Vibration training on the PowerBoard with alternating movement, which is adapted to the human anatomy, stimulates the responsive muscle system in an optimal way that is gentle on your joints. At the same time an extension reflex is triggered in the muscle system which leads to a contraction from the legs up to the back. Depending on how frequent training is the number of reflexes varies.

The PowerBoard 2.1 vibration plate by Casada contains the innovative controlled overview of your heart rate. You can monitor your pulse in conjunction with the Pulse Sensor available separately to minimise risk of exhaustion. Rubber feet are affixed to the underneath of the vibration plate for stability. The positive effect of the rubber feet is that noise is kept to a minimum.