The foot reflexology mat by Casada

Did you know that walking barefoot is healthier than it appears to be? Not only because we experience a feeling of freedom from it but also because walking barefoot is the natural form of walking for humans.

With the foot reflexology mat we combine the positive effect of foot reflexology with the positive effect of walking around barefoot. Foot reflexology is based on the knowledge that each organ in the body has a corresponding reflex area on the sole of the foot. By stimulating the desired area specifically the organs are stimulated which has a benefical effect and also releases blocked energies. Each application relaxes your entire organism. Use the foot reflexology mat quite easily at home and you will notice that your feet become pleasantly relaxed after a few times.



62,5 x 34,5 cm


1,1 kg


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Features and specification

Reflexology regenerates foot muscles and has a harmonizing effect on almost all organs inside your body.


Wireless massage device.

Foot reflexology and the Far East

For many decades now the people in the Far East have relied on foot reflexology. Whilst foot reflexology in Europe has not been used for as long, it is widely spread in Asia.

Massage "to go" with the Casada ReflexMat

If you already have had foot reflexology you know how well and full of energy you felt afterwards. We therefore understand why you would want to have foot reflexology every day. For this reason we have developed the Reflex Mat. You can take the ReflexMat with you and use it everywhere.

Functionality of foot reflexology with the ReflexMat

There are numerous areas in our feet that respond to the body as a reflex. It was discovered that the effect of a massage can have a direct effect on the treated body region and on body parts and organs further away

Foot reflexology is a specific type of reflexology, during which specific areas of the sole of the foot are massaged and stimulated. The foot area massage is based on the idea that when slight pressure is applied pain is felt in certain places, this indicates that the corresponding organ is diseased.