StoneSteps - Massage sandals by Casada

StoneSteps are a rather different kind of sandal. Our StoneSteps are massage sandals. To benefit from the natural power of Jade du Jaspis, these stones are integrated in the StoneSteps Massage Sandals.

With the use of our StoneSteps massage sandals you can recreate your emotional balance and you can maintain your relaxed feeling for a longer period of time. The massage sandals can also help to alleviate muscle tension. Take a relaxed path through life and try our StoneSteps massage sandals.


Use of natural stones in massage

Acupressure with natural stones is used in alternative therapy to recreate the emtional balance as well as to destress the muscle system. Here the sensitive soles of your feet are massaged with bioenergetic mineralised natural stones. In harmony with the traditional Chinese theory the foot is the human body's second heart. Actually there are about 60 % of the body's acupuncture points in the feet. Reflexology has been deeply rooted in the traditional Asian culture for many centuries now and is now widely popular in Europe too. The massage natural stones are made up of jade and Vietnamese jasper.

The principles of foot reflexology

Foot reflexology has a positive effect on the peripheral and central nervous system and can alleviate headaches. With the massage sandals by Casada immunity can be improved and stress-induced strain can be reduced. When you use the StoneSteps massage sandals on a regular basis, tiredness can be reduced and muscle tone improved. Another benefit of using the StoneSteps massage sandals is that of an improved metabolism. When the metabolism improves this slows down the ageing process. Also foot reflexology helps to eliminate toxins and provides a healthy sleep.

Use of the StoneSteps Massage sandals

Use the massage sandals when you're at home or when you're out walking. Recommended daily use is between 10-20 minutes.

In the beginning wear your massage sandals when sitting down so that your feet become used to the pressure. With regular use you can adjust pressure and time to meet your requirements and to achieve a sustainable effect. Be sure to look after your feet as these can influence your entire well-being.