Dr. Stone massage mat with Jade and Tourmaline stones

Because of the healthy stimulating properties of tourmaline and jade Dr. Stone can have a positive influence on the thermal acupressure points on the entire body. Tourmaline can improve concentration and regulate your sleeping pattern.

Jade can have a calming effect, regulate the metabolism and stimulate blood flow.
Photons are low-energy light particles. In simple terms this light can reactivate and intensify the natural energy as well as the self-healing powers in the body cells. Regular use can strengthen the immune system and bring the wellbeing and the entire organism into harmony again.



47 x 100 x 2,5 cm


2,65 kg


AC 220 -240 V ~ 50/60 Hz

Rated power

100 Watt


30 – 70°C


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Features and specification
Jade heating

Jade is a natural store and conductor of heat. These high-quality jade stones, purposefully integrated in the massage heads dispense deep warmth and a relaxing effect.

Photon sources

Photon are light particles of low energy. This light can reactivate and strengthen the naturally available energy in the somatic cells as well as the self-healing energies.

Tourmaline Heating

Tourmaline increases the concentration, helps you with falling asleep and strengthens the immune system.

The jade massage from China

Jade is an integral part of the Chinese culture. Jade was attributed to magical powers. In China the belief was that the positive effect of jade was brought into line with the knowledge of the healing massage form. So the first jade massages were in China.

The combination of jade and massage couches

As a general rule jade massages were performed on massage couches with integrated jade stones. As soon as jade is heated up the radiating heat relaxes the muscle system. As does Dr. Stone massage mats too. Dr. Stone massage mats can stimulate your blood flow and regulate the metabolism.

The effect of precious gem tourmaline

It is known that the precious gem tourmaline effects the body's flow of energy. The effect of precious gem tourmaline was known back in ancient times. Yet tourmaline was confused with other stones.

Tourmaline is a stone with many different varieties and thus also different healing effects. Tourmaline is rumoured to promote striving for harmony and clarity in life. Black tourmaline is one of the strongest protective stones against negative energies. Furthermore tourmaline improves concentration and strengthens the immune system.