A small but highly effective massager

The three illuminated massage arms and targeted vibration facilitates a punctual and pleasant massage. Eve can be simply and safely used on individual body parts such as back, neck, arms and legs.

Massage stimulates the blood circulation, relieves tension and boosts blood flow. This invigorates the body and activates new energy. Because of its size and ergonomic design Eve fits in any handbag and can be used as a constant companion for an occasional massage in the office or even on the road.



96 x 96 x 90 cm


170 g

Rated power

1,8 Watt


3 x 1,5 x V AAA


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Features and specification

The Vibration setting moves parts of the body with equal vibrations, which penetrate deeply into the muscles. This stimulates the circulation in the muscles.

Eve is your compact and practical massager

Are you often on the road or do you tense up during sport? Many massagers are not easy to transport, even when you are on the road. Eve is the remedy. Eve is a compact massager that you can always easily take with you.

Eve massager for self-massage

Relax your muscles with a self-massage. The hand massager by Casada can be used on many parts of the body. The manual massage is reinforced by vibrations. Ideally Eve is perfect for self massage after sport.

Eve is ergonomic and handy

The Eve massager is designed ergonomically that it can massage every accessible part of the body with effective vibrations. Three illuminated arms help with this, which are built into Eve. The vibrations cause oscillating movements which may stimulate the blood flow and relax the muscles. This gives rise to new energies being released. Feel more invigorated with the Eve massager in your everyday life.

Can be used anywhere in all situations

Because of its size the massager can be used anywhere and in all situations. As soon as you are afflicted with cramps or tensions you are best armed with the Eve massager in hand, in order to provide some relief against this. Eve can be used anywhere, whether it be in the office, in your own home, in the car or on a plane.