The Maxiwell III Limited Edition with jade stone and carbon deep heat

A massage is a pleasant opportunity to relieve the body of tension.

The beneficial interaction can be intensified by adding gentle carbon deep heat. The Maxiwell III Limited Edition will entice you with jade stone, carbon deep heat and pure relaxation. The interaction of these techniques culminate in a Shiatsu massage for deeper relaxation of the muscle system. Experience the Maxiwell III Limited Edition.



43,1 x 31 x 16 cm


Gross 3,55 kg / Net 2,5 kg


AC 100-240 V ~ 50/60 Hz, 1200mA
DC 12 V, 3000mA

Rated power

max. 40 Watt


15 minutes


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Features and specification
car adapter

The handy car adapter makes your massage de- vice portable.

Carbon heating

Deeply penetrating Carbon infrared heat, blood vessels expand, the blood flow increases and the muscle tension is reduced. In addition, it carries out a highly beneficial effect on nerve cells, which are responsible for reporting pain to the brain.

Jade heating

Jade is a natural store and conductor of heat. These high-quality jade stones, purposefully integrated in the massage heads dispense deep warmth and a relaxing effect.


Skin and muscles are either clasped or kneaded between the thumb and the index finger or with both hands. This massage technique is used in particular to ease tension.


The reverse function changes the direction of the massage heads.


Shiatsu (finger press) is a form of body therapy originating in Japan. The massage technique consists of soft, rhythmic, far-reaching stretches and rotations. The aim of Shiatsu is to simulate individual parts of the body and to mobilise the muscles.


Massage speed is adjustable.


The Vibration setting moves parts of the body with equal vibrations, which penetrate deeply into the muscles. This stimulates the circulation in the muscles.

Heat-dissipating jade massage head in the Maxiwell III Limited Edition

The Maxiwell III Limited Edition has 4 integrated massage heads, two of which are equipped with heat-dissipating jade instead of the usual synthetic components. The Maxiwell III Limited Edition alleviates deep tensions with the Shiatsu Massage. In contrast the vibration massage is used to activate the lymph system and circulation.

Pure relaxation by the Maxiwell III Limited Edition Massage

Each massage must come to an end too. But not for long! However you must be careful that you do not overstrain your muscles. In order to help you to do this The Maxiwell III Limited Edition automatically turns itself off after 15 minutes of massage. We recommend that you do not use the Maxiwell III Limited Edition more than three times a day. We hope you enjoy your next massage.

Individual settings for any massages

With the Maxiwell III Limited Edition you get three functions which you can adjust as desired. These three functions include the vibration massage, the Shiatsu massage and the carbon deep heat function. With the vibration massage you can activate your lymph system and your circulation system. The Shiatsu massage is suitable for alleviating deep tensions and the carbon deep heat function leads to greater well-being.

Safe technique for greater well-being

Even the best massage comes to an end. And this is fact. After 15 minutes Maxiwell III Limited Edition automatically switches itself off. With these measures we want to guarantee that the service life of the motors is ensured and you are protected. You body also needs to rest. Do not use the Maxiwell III Limited Edition more than three times a day.