Ergonomic massage with well-being guarantee with the Quattromed IV-S

The spine is the main carrier system of our entire body. Constantly exposed to stresses everywhere, it compensates pushes, strains and other influences through intervertebral discs, ligaments, vertebral bodies and muscles.

This sensitive, yet resilient unit is the basis for our upright motion. Ergonomic massage, coupled with the innovative S-Line mechanism with the folding massage chair, the Quattromed IV-S. The Quattromed IV-S alleviates hardening in the muscles. Discover pure relaxation with the Quattromed IV-S.



Back: 76 x 45 x 15 cm
Seat: 41 x 45 x 8 cm


9 kg


Input: AC ~ 100 -240 V, 50/60 Hz
Output: DC 24 V, 2000 mA

Rated power

In use: max. 48 Watt
Stand-by: < 1 Watt


15 minutes


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Features and specification

Specifically developed automatic programmes for the whole body, which offer a big range of different massage techniques. Additionally you can also turn on the heating function, if you‘d like.

Jade heating

Jade is a natural store and conductor of heat. These high-quality jade stones, purposefully integrated in the massage heads dispense deep warmth and a relaxing effect.


The reverse function changes the direction of the massage heads.


The massage heads can massage a particular spot.


The Vibration setting moves parts of the body with equal vibrations, which penetrate deeply into the muscles. This stimulates the circulation in the muscles.

Pure relaxation with the Quattromed IV-S folding massage chair

The Quattromed IV-S folding massage chair offers you many setting options to set up an optimal and individual massage. With the Quattromed IV-S you have the opportunity to forget everyday stress and relieve tensions. Discover the comfortable opportunity which the Quattromed IV-S provides you with.

Innovative S-Line mechanism in the Quattromed IV-S

The innovative S-Line mechanism in the Quattromed IV-S is the showpiece in the new product range by Casada. The mechanism like the design form has been based on the natural form of the spine and thus forms an economic massage system. Say goodbye to a hardened muscle system and indulge yourself in the Quattromed IV-S.

Massage head with jade for more relaxation

Two of the six massage heads include jade components for more relaxation. The massage heads can be warmed up so that you can use the heating massage technique. A heat massage technique means that a pleasant deep heat can relieve tensions. Your upper thigh also needs to be massaged again? Not a problem, with the Quattromed IV-S you have the opportunity to detach the back part so that you can massage the upper thigh muscles through pleasant vibrations at the same time.

The Quattromed IV-S for any situation

Whether laying down, sitting, for backs, legs or feet. The Quattromed IV-S can be used in any situation. You don’t just want to be massaged? Then adjust the time to different intervals. You will still have the opportunity to regulate the intensity of the vibration massage of the seat part as desired. Use the Quattromed IV-S anywhere in the home, stay flexible and enjoy the beneficial relaxation.