Tappymed III – 5 times as punctual and uniquely practical

The Tappymed III hand massager relaxes tense muscles in a targeted manner, the intensity of which can be easily adjusted and stimulates blood circulation.

Four different silicon attachment designs, stimulate the nervous and circulatory system with their unique character. This effect is further refined by the deep warmth in the massage head due to the jade finish. Astoundingly relaxing - even after the first use. With the Tappymed III hand massager you can quite simply reach almost every part of your body.




410 x 87 x 132 mm


1,1 kg


AC 200 V ~ 50 Hz , 100 mA

Rated power

25 Watt


15 minutes


1250 – 2500 Revolutions/Minute


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Features and specification
Jade heating

Jade is a natural store and conductor of heat. These high-quality jade stones, purposefully integrated in the massage heads dispense deep warmth and a relaxing effect.


Massage speed is adjustable.

The jade heat in the Tappymed III hand massager

Jade is a natural heat store and heat conductor. With target integration on the massage head jade dispenses its deep warmth, giving a relaxing effect.

Choose the massage speed

With the Tappymed III hand massager you have the option of adjusting the massage speed yourself and individually. Using the rotary switch you can adjust the speed control with ease.

The effective hand massager by Casada

Tensions in your body are sometimes difficult to shift yourself. Just because you are not able to massage every part of your body yourself. We want to counteract this with the Tappymed III hand massager.

The ergonomic design enables you to reach almost every part of your body. So you can work on cramps and tensions. For the Tappymed III hand massager there are different silicone attachments with which you can massage different areas quickly and easily.