The Twist2Go is efficient in form and function

With its ergonomic shape the Twist2Go massager virtually massages all body parts effectively.

Its four optimally arranged massage heads massage the desired area on your body with pleasant circular movements. The straps offered in addition are for the specific positioning of the Twist2Go to relax the desired area of your body. They can be easily attached to the device and removed again. Choose the level of pressure, the level of effectiveness and enjoy the Twist2Go irrespective of the reclining option.



35 x 23 x 15 cm


1,8 kg

Rated power

24 Watt


Lithium Battery 11.1V/2200 mAh


1 – 1,5 hours


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Features and specification
Thumb pressure

Round massage heads, based on human thumb tips, grant a very delicate massage experience.


Wireless massage device.

The straps are also available as an optional extra

Also an optional extra to the Twist2Go massager are the straps which allow you exact positioning. The straps enable you to massage areas which are not so easy to reach.

The Twist2Go is small, but fine

Just 35 x 23 x 15 cm in size the Twist2Go is one of the smallest massagers in the Casada family. At 1.8 kg it also doesn’t weigh much. The Twist2Go is powered with a 11.1 V Lithium-charged battery.

Pure relaxation with the Twist2Go

The Twist2Go massager includes 4 massage heads with different massage techniques. You can choose between kneading, heat and thumb pressure massage techniques.

The kneading technique is mainly used to alleviate tensions, by creating a deep-acting and heat-radiating effect against the heat. The round massage heads feel like a human's thumb tips and lend an authentic feel to the massage experience. The Twist2Go can be used wirelessly.