The well-being moment for occasional use in a pen - the VibraPen

A beuatiful pen which can do more than write.

The VibraPen is not only a fancy gift for your loved ones, but instead it can also quickly become your everyday companion, which you no longer want to do without. VibraPen is the pen with a massage function. Its not only James Bond who has a mysterious pen. You can also have one. The VibraPen is a pen which vibrates for a pleasant massage.



14,2 x 1,36 x 1,65 cm


45,6 g


1 x 1,5 x V LR1 N


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Features and specification

The Vibration setting moves parts of the body with equal vibrations, which penetrate deeply into the muscles. This stimulates the circulation in the muscles.


Wireless massage device.

Use the pen when you are tired

Our performance barometer declines when sitting around for long periods of time, doing boring tasks or concentrating for long periods of time. The VibraPen provides you with an instant remedy against tiredness or slackness, anytime, anywhere.

Massage with the pen

You simply transform your VibraPen by pressing the "Start-Button” from a normal pen into a mini-massager! With targeted vibration massage at acupressure points you can ease tension and alleviate headaches.

Do not be deceived by appearances

If you take a look at the VibraPen, it appears at first glance to be a simple, elegant and classic pen. Yet behind the beautiful design and the tasteful covering there is a top massage product. The small benefactor is your remedy when you can no longer muster up the energy after long concentration periods or boring tasks. The lack of willingness to perform often leads to exhaustion and lack of drive. You can counteract this with the VibraPen by Casada. With targeted vibration massage you can feel better again.

The VibraPen massage pen by Casada

The VibraPen massage pen by Casada takes a 1.5 V battery and weighs 45.6g in total. Small, handy and practical. With the VibraPen by Casada both short and long writing tasks are effortless. And in the meantime there is still time for a beneficial massage. The VibraPen is a fantastic, small gadget.