The CelluMax with massage and penetration

The CelluMax offers a deep massage. Two different, easily interchangeable massage heads boost the nerve and circulation system in different ways.

The circulation of the massaged part is boosted. Discover the CelluMax with two different massage heads for the penetrating massage and easy to use. Relieve all tensions in your body with the portable version of the massger by Casada.



19 x 10,5 x 17,5 cm


1 kg


AC 220 – 240 V, 50 Hz

Rated power

25 Watt


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Features and specification

The rotating motion of the massage unit recreates the typical movement of a hand massage.


The Vibration setting moves parts of the body with equal vibrations, which penetrate deeply into the muscles. This stimulates the circulation in the muscles.

The CelluMax with smooth massage head

This attachment offers a gentle massage for particularly sensitive areas such as parts of the face (please only use with a cover in this instance, so that your hair does not get caught in the rotating device).

Easy use with the CelluMax

Application is simple: The speed of the CelluMax can be smoothly changed using the control wheel. The integrated heat function increases penetration. With the CelluMax, cellulite cream, for example, can be simply and effectively massaged in (without a cover).

Be sure to practice sport and have a balanced diet

Being overweight often means an increased deposit of fat in the fat cells. Always eat a balanced diet and make sure that you move around enough in everyday life. With specific exercises in the legs, bums, and tums area you can tighten muscles and stimulate fat-burning. Sporting activities and a balanced diet can lead to more relaxation. In combination with CelluMax you are well equipped to do only something good with your body.

The CelluMax with rollers in the massage head

The shape of the attachment facilitates an invigorating massage: The nerve and circulation system is activated, blood flow is stimulated. It is particularly suitable for use with cellulite cream (please take the cover off beforehand).