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Casada Global – the worldwide expansion from Paderborn

Casada is expanding. Change and growth bring optimum efficiency to the market. With our established markets, our unmistakable design and product know-how, we are continually expanding our sales structure from Casada International throughout the world.

Our ambitious targets are the strategic planning for successful Casada subsidiaries as well as the expansion of the sales channels. With our well-established product portfolio and a well-recognised brand, we can certainly attain these targets. However, we are aware of our roots and stand for innovation, corporate success and corporate responsibility. We are identified by our target to meet the requirements of different customers in different geographic areas.

  • 2000

    Launch of the Casada Company by Jakob Radtke in Paderborn

  • 2003

    Expansion in EUROPE

  • 2005

    Enlargement of the business Fundamental product innovations

  • 2006

    WORLDWIDE Distribution and expansion of brand and image

  • 2010

    Introduction of 10-year warranty promise

  • 2011

    Foundation laid for Casada Academy for a worldwide training of the sales team

  • 2014

    Launch of Casada Russia - 140 partner shops

  • 2015

    Launch of Casada Poland
    Launch of Casada France

  • 2016

    Launch of Casada Adriatic
    Logo-relaunch CASADA healthcare
    Launch Casada ltd. (USA)

  • 2017

    Launch braintronics®

Casada Teil eines Gebäude mit Logo

„For valuable products to originate from brilliant ideas, passion, time and a great vision is required.“

Casada International Product Development

Our product concepts and design are marked by a level of attractive clarity. The consequent focus on quality in terms of comfort and durability factor in the overall result. Using a prototype, we test function, ergonomics and effectiveness. Together, we devise a test plan and also use simulation and testing processes, with real users, function tests, temperature tests, tests for durability and performance. Each test shows problems or possible improvements which lead to the best possible design. This all-important striving after perfection allows us, in collaboration with our design department, to continuously incorporate the development process into the entire product range.

Casada Testimonials — see for yourself

In Casada International we have worked for more than 15 years with products in the health, well-being and fitness area. The Casada family consists of a tight-knit network of reliable partners in over 37 countries. Just the joint and ongoing cooperation within various cultures adds value to our brand. Enthusiastic customers, for example those in public life and sportsmen, have confidence in us and the Casada massage products.

  • Carina Harris

    Carina Harris

    Carina Harris comes from Leigh-on-Sea in Essex, England. Originally a hairdresser by trade, multi- talented Carina appeared in the popular reality programme ‘The Salon’ in the UK 2003, and was a big hit with the clients and audience.

    This was followed by numerous international title shoots and advertising campaigns.

    Cover„S Magazine UK Mai 2009“
    Model at „Toronto Fashion Week 2009“
    Fashion “Sirens- Winter 2012”
    Fashion “Ossa Swimwear 2013”
    Playboy Greece February 2013


  • Andreas Schröder

    Andreas Schröder

    Best Age-Model & Actor

    Simple, modern or rather classic – with personality, likeable and trustworthy, Andreas Schröder has the reliable advertising expression!

    His white-grey hair, expressive facial features and an elegant appearance, he characterises the modern lifestyle of our best ager generation.

    Numerous advertising campaigns about travel, lifestyle, fashion, sports and health confirm his success.

  • Mareike Spaleck

    Mareike Spaleck

    Born in „Gelsenkirchen, Germany“ Mareike’s profession was a qualified hotel industry expert. In 2010, she quit her job and made the sporting passion a profession.

    Since 2012, she is a successful fitness model.
    “Fit For Fun” Fitness Model of the Year.
    Cover model of various fitness and lifestyle magazines.
    2013 NIKE Shooting star.
    2014 Vice Champion of the International Fitness Model Contest.
    2016 Fitness Coach Sat.1 “The biggest loser”

    She says about herself: „If I am a motivation for others to live a healthier lifestyle, it will fill me with happiness. And I have made it my task.”

  • Inna Weit

    Inna Weit

    German indoor swimming champion 200m
    Qualification for 2016 Olympic games
    German championships:
    Gold 200m | Silver 100m

    Participation European Championship 200m
    German swimming champion 200m
    3rd place National competition Glasgow 200m (2013)
    European Championship semi-finals 200m (2012)

  • Mariusz Pudzianowski

    Mariusz Pudzianowski

    Mariusz Pudzianowski took part in a sporting competition for the first time at the age of 16. Since the age of eleven Pudzianowski does regular Kyokushin Karate and was active as a boxer.

    Pudzianowski took part in his first Strongman competition on the 1st of May 1999. His international career started in 2000 with a 4th place at World’s Strongest Man. In 2002, Pudzianowski won 1st place. He repeated this success in 2003, 2005, 2007 and 2008. He is the five victories record holder.

    In Poland, Pudzianowski achieved cult status, which helped him to get in many guest appearances in TV and radio broadcasts. Among other things, he participated in the Polish version of “Dancing with the Stars”.

  • race-car

    Race Car

    European Tour 2013
    Sponsored by Casada

  • Kolja Barghoorn

    Kolja Barghoorn

    2010 – 2013: Fitness trainer at the Technical University of Berlin gym.
    2011 Foundation of the website “beach body” with the goal to help as many people as possible in weight loss and to provide a healthy life.

    In 2013 he worked on the founding of the recipes website “Kulinaru” and developed the motivation podcast “Strandwelle”.

    Barghoorn sees himself as a “body coach”: He assists people achieve their dream body on their own. The key to his method is based on fun and does not require discipline. This creates a self-reinforcing cycle of results, happiness and motivation, sustainable and lasting success possible.

    Best-selling author
    At the beginning of 2014 Barghoorn published his first book “Der Abnehmschlüssel” (translated: “The key to weight loss”).

  • birte glang

    Birte Glang

    Birte – Actress, photo model and lawyer!

    Born in Recklinghausen Germany, she loves to entertain her audience. Birte is well known for her acting role at the German television series “Unter Uns” playing life artist “Heidi Danne”.

    Through numerous print campaigns, commercials film and television roles, as well as her extremely multitalented and professional appearance, she becomes a required personality of the German and worldwide media.

Massage chairs

The high quality massage chairs by Casada are made so that your expectations are constantly fulfilled. The range of massage products that you will receive at Casada is diverse. With us as the premium designer from Paderborn you will receive, next to the massage chair, the widest range of massage products. But which massage chair is suited best for you? We are happy to help you find the best product for you.

Massage devices

Relaxation for the body and the mind soul. Casada Premium massage products for everyone! For our health we should set the highest expectations. Casada knows about these expectations and has developed massage products that can do justice to everyone's expectations. Convince yourself that the quality of the products is high and discover the best gadget for you. Make sure that your body is able to get the right treatment.

Fitness equipment

You are able to find a variety of products that are easy to integrate into your day to day life in the areas lifestyle and fitness. During the development of the gadgets we from Casada International especially had the well-being of the customers in mind. The fitness gadgets by Casada are made for strength training, endurance training or for relaxing. Learn more about our fitness gadgets.

Casada ethics

„Generosity is the basis of friendship.“
Oscar Fingal O‘Flahertie Wills

Generosity is the willingness to offer unusual or strange things without thinking of oneself and with the best of intentions. This can mean that a generous person is ready to share or give joy to another. Furthermore, the word generosity can be used when one gives help without demanding gratitude.

„Life without esteem and compliments is like an empty bank account.“
Author unknown

Esteem the positive attitude of another person. It is based on the inner, general attitude towards other people. Esteem can also apply to thoughts, work or life attitudes of a third person. Esteem sees a person as a whole. Esteem is often linked to respect, good will and recognition and is expressed through outlook, interest, attentiveness, friendship.

„Real friends are the ones you ring up at 4a.m.“
Marlene Dietrich

Trust describes something or someone who is reliable and can be trusted. Trust is best expressed when you do what you promised and upon which others rely. Nowadays, punctuality is an important characteristic of trust. But it can also be described in other ways, such as honesty and trust.

„If I am not honest naturally, then sometimes I am by chance.“
William Shakespeare

Honesty describes the characteristic of always telling the truth. It is the basis of a general togetherness, without honesty there can be no trust. There is honesty to others but also to oneself. To get it and then hold on to it is more difficult, as it demands self-discipline when dealing with faults and failings.

„He who has no trust, will not find trust.“

Trust is the belief that you can have faith in someone, yourself or even in something. Furthermore, trust is the faith in someone’s reliability, capability and/or virtue. Trust is the forerunner of expectation, which essentially is influenced by previous experience. The exact opposite is mistrust.

Based on the game plan of successful football teams, 7 basic principles help our game:

  1. Customer as our key focus. In the centre of our efforts is the customer. Our goal is to meet customer expectations.
  2. I make the difference. Success depends on the achievement of each individual. Each one takes responsibility for his work and sets an example to others.
  3. The teams wins and celebrates. We strive together for success, we are proud of the result and we celebrate.
  4. Train hard. We learn and develop further, are open to criticism and we provide more and more feedback.
  5. We learn from the best. We are ready to be inspired and we learn from each other. We are always looking to improve.
  6. With passion and joy. We love our brand and identify with Casada. We work with passion, courage and energy for the whole team.
  7. Take new directions. We question those procedures already in practice and do not shirk away from trying new ones. Only then can we create products that the customer loves. We produce innovations regularly and develop exciting products which the customer loves.
Casada Team
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