Discover the multifunctional massage devices from Casada

Are you often tense, tired and exhausted? Do you have swollen and painful legs? Or do you just need a break from everyday life? Discover the multifunctional massage devices from Casada International. Treat yourself to a break and ensure your moments of well-being.

The Casada massage devices can relax and invigorate body and mind. Whether unusual body stimulation or massages with heat treatment: With the Casada massage devices, your tissue can be loosened, the muscles relaxed and the blood circulation stimulated.

Quattromed V BT

Jade in combination with 3D massage

Quattromed IV-S

Innovative design and pure relaxation.

Quattromed III

Simple and clear – the pioneer

BodyShape LE

The special kind of massage mat

Miniwell Twist

The massage cushion with a special shape

Tappymed III

The relaxed hand massager from Casada


Handy massager from Casada

Dr. Stone

The massage mat with tourmaline & jade stones

Massagers against tension – causes, symptoms and what helps against it

In addition to incorrect loads and poor posture, tension in the spine and neck can often occur. The causes are manifold. If the muscles are under constant strain, there is insufficient blood flow. This creates an oxygen deficiency. Due to this lack of oxygen, there is a lack of oxygen, which in turn leads to metabolic disorders in the muscle tissue. Eventually, the affected areas harden, which can sometimes cause pain. A cycle is created that should not be underestimated. The pain that is caused forces the body into a relieving posture in order to avoid further pain. This relieving posture leads to further tension and thus to more pain. The typical symptoms of tension are pulling or dull pain. In the area of ​​the cervical spine, tension or muscle hardening runs over the shoulder region to the upper area of ​​the thoracic spine.

Muscle cramps can also occur, which restrict our freedom of movement and harden the affected muscle. Targeted massages can be used to relieve pain and relieve tension. Appointments with masseurs or physiotherapists are often very time-consuming. Especially in everyday life, after work, there is often not enough time to go to a masseur or physiotherapist. Therefore, high-quality massage devices are all the more important. We have developed massage devices for all possible regions of the body in order to be able to relieve tension and improper strain through effective and selective massages. Our handy scoop massager is ideal for massaging areas of the body such as the neck, shoulders, arms, legs, feet or back. The Cellumax is a massage device that offers a deep massage. Two easily exchangeable massage heads can activate the nervous and circulatory systems and promote blood circulation.