Massage chair by Casada

We are Casada International – a modern and successfully managed company from Paderborn. As a premium manufacturer of massage chairs, massage devices and fitness equipment, our vision is to offer everyone the opportunity for physical and mental well-being at their personal place at any time. Founded in 2000, Casada has developed into one of the best-known premium manufacturers in the field of massage and fitness. In a global company like Casada, one of the most important success factors is the cooperation of a strong team consisting of people from different cultural backgrounds and experiences. This is how mutual success and excellent performance can be achieved. We use almost all of our energy for our Casada branded products. We regularly bring new and innovative feel-good products onto the market. Our working environment is our arena, this is where we train every day. We play the pass precisely, accept the ball, play imaginatively, seize the opportunity and celebrate success – worldwide! We see ourselves as a team. The team is therefore the focus. We can only achieve our vision if we work together fairly and at a high level.

Casada International – the premium manufacturer of massage products from Paderborn

Casada Global – the expansion from Paderborn into the world

Casada is expanding. Change and growth offer optimal efficiency in the market. With our established brand, our unmistakable design and product know-how, we at Casada International are continuously and geographically expanding our sales structure.

The strategic planning of successful Casada subsidiaries and the expansion of sales channels are our ambitious goals. With our well-positioned product portfolio and a well-known brand, we can certainly achieve these goals. Nevertheless, we are aware of our roots and stand for innovation, corporate success and corporate responsibility. We identify with our goal of covering the needs of different customers in different geographical locations.


Gründung des Unternehmens Casada durch Jakob Radtke in Paderborn


Ausdehnung der Vertriebswege Europaweit


Vergrößerung des Geschäftsbetriebes – Grundlegende Produktinnovationen


Weltweiter Vertrieb und Ausbau der Marke Casada


Einführung des 10-jährigen Garantieversprechens – ein absoluter Mehrwert für unsere Kunden.


Grundsteinlegung der Casada Academy zur weltweiten Ausbildung des Vertriebes


Gründung Casada Russland mit 140 Partnershops


Erschließung weiterer internationaler Märkte durch die Gründung der Casada Polen und Casada Frankreich


Gründung der Casada Adriatic und Relaunch des Casada Logos



Erlebe die Technologie für Entspannung.

For valuable products to emerge from brilliant ideas, you need passion, time and a great vision.

Casada International product development

Our product concepts and the design are characterized by an attractive clarity. The consistent focus on quality in terms of comfort and durability are factors for the overall result. With a prototype we test for functionality, ergonomics and performance. Together we create a test plan and run both simulations and tests, with real users, functional tests, temperature tests, durability and performance tests. Each test reveals shortcomings or possible improvements that lead to optimization of the design. This all-time striving for perfection, in cooperation with our design department, allows us to incorporate the continuous development process into the entire product range.

At Casada International we have been dealing with products related to health, wellness and fitness for more than 15 years. The Casada family consists of a close-knit network of trustworthy partners in over 37 countries worldwide. It is precisely the joint and continuous cooperation of cultures that brings our brand the enormous increase in value. Enthusiastic customers as well as public figures and athletes trust us and our massage products from Casada.

Casada Testimonials – Convince yourself

Casada ethics

“Generosity is the essence of friendship.”
Oscar Fingal O’Flahertie Wills

Generosity is the willingness to offer uncommon material or non-material things to others voluntarily, altruistically, and with positive intent. This can mean that a generous person likes to share or to make others happy. Furthermore, generosity can be expressed by providing assistance without asking for gratitude.

„Life without appreciation and compliments is like an empty bank account.“
Autor unknown

Appreciation refers to the positive evaluation of another person. It is based on an inner general attitude towards other people. Appreciation can also extend to the thoughts, works or attitudes of others. Appreciation affects a person as a whole. Appreciation is often associated with respect, esteem, benevolence and recognition and is expressed in affection, interest, attentiveness and friendliness.

“The friends you can call at four in the morning that count.”
Marlene Dietrich

Dependability describes something or someone that is dependable and trustworthy. The best way to show reliability is to implement what you have promised and what others rely on. Today, punctuality is considered an important quality of reliability. But she can also express herself in other ways, for example through honesty and trust.

“If I am not honest by nature, sometimes I am by chance.”
William Shakespeare

Honesty describes the quality of always telling the truth. It is the basis of a common togetherness, without honesty no trust can be built up or maintained. In addition to being honest with others, there is also being honest with yourself. Obtaining this and owning it permanently is much more difficult, because it requires self-discipline to admit one’s own quirks, mistakes and deficits and to work on them.

“Those who do not trust will not find trust.”

Trust is the belief that you can rely on someone, yourself, or something. Furthermore, trust is trust in a relatively certain or anticipated reliability, ability and/or virtue. Trust is considered an advance of expectations, the magnitude of which is influenced by previous experiences. The direct opposite is distrust.

Based on the style of play of successful football teams, 7 principles characterize our (joint) game:

  1. The customer is our focus. The customer is at the center of all efforts. Our motivation is to meet your expectations.
  2. I make the difference Success depends on the performance of each individual. Everyone takes responsibility for their work and is a role model for others.
  3. The team wins and celebrates. We strive for mutual success, we are proud of our result and celebrate it.
  4. Train hard. We learn and develop further, open to criticism and give constructive feedback.
  5. We learn from the best. We let ourselves be inspired and learn from each other. We are always looking for improvements.
  6. With passion and joy. We love our brand and identify with Casada. We work with heart, courage and energy for the whole team.
  7. Go new ways. We question deadlocked processes and bravely try out new things. Only then can we create products that customers love. We regularly introduce innovations and develop relaxing products that customers love.