about us

Casada International GmbH is a market-leading company with product lines related to health care at home and innovative wellness and fitness products. We sell our products worldwide through a dense network of trading partners, direct Casada subsidiaries and retail chains. A trusting relationship and close cooperation with our trading partners form the basis for stable growth.

The product portfolio can be roughly divided into three categories: massage chairs, massage devices, and fitness and lifestyle products.


our mission

The focus of all our efforts is the consumer. Only if we meet the needs and desires of consumers with the best and most suitable products and the highest quality standards can we achieve our own goals and contribute to solving global challenges.

Transformation and growth are crucial key factors that help us develop more successfully than our competitors. We are aware of our roots and stand for innovation, economic success and corporate responsibility.

The strategic expansion and intensification of lucrative foreign Casada subsidiaries as well as the expansion of sales channels are our ambitious goals. With our established product portfolio and a well-known brand, we can certainly achieve these goals.


In the age of globalization we have learned many things, including that each new city, region or nation offers its own opportunities and challenges.

The people who lead Casada to the new locations are the key to success. For this reason, we go to great lengths to find and select partners who have the personal and professional qualities needed to ensure that the well-established Casada brand is not lost in translation.


Why Casada?

Become part of a large family with over 20 years of international market experience in almost 41 countries.

We are constantly collecting and distributing best practices and information about negative experiences before you have them.

You have a personal contact who takes you by the hand right from the start and continuously accompanies you.

They are always available to give you free advice and assistance whenever your business needs it.

With Casada you rely on a very stable and well-known brand identity.

Contact us and become a Casada partner

We welcome all interested entrepreneurs and those who want to become one to the Casada Family.

Address: Obermeiers Feld 3; 33104 Paderborn