The massage chair

Your loving masseur for home

With the massage chair for at home, you can bring the compact and functional masseur into your own four walls. Let your back area, muscles, arms and legs be pampered by the diverse programs and functions of the massage chair. You can control your massage chair comfortably and easily with the convenient remote control. Adapt the functions of your massage chair to your personal wishes and needs.

Do you prefer kneading and tapping in dual action or just kneading? Set the massage function of your massage chair with ease. From deep-acting heat radiation to swelling and deflating airbags, to the generation of natural muscle reflexes: the compact and multifunctional massage chairs offer a variety of programs and features and convince with loving details.

AlphaSonic II

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How the right massage chair improves your well-being and quality of life

Why a massage chair can have a positive effect on your health: Health is our most important asset and should be preserved as best as possible, because no amount of money in the world can replace it. Nevertheless, our rest periods are becoming shorter and shorter. Painful tension and mental exhaustion are usually the result. Everyday life determines our lives so much that relaxation becomes a luxury that we no longer allow ourselves. A targeted massage has a positive effect on our body and mind. With the multifunctional high-end massage chairs from Casada, you can have the luxury of an extensive massage in your own four walls and leave stress and physical tension behind.

Anyone who thinks they don’t have time for their health will sooner or later have to have time to be sick.” – Author unknown

The optimal price-performance ratio of the massage chairs from Casada International combines high quality and luxurious design with technical innovations to increase well-being and health. As a premium manufacturer of massage chairs, Casada combines various functions that can relieve your tension and demonstrably reduce your stress. Programs of the massage chair to promote blood circulation and improve well-being include the Gua Sha massage, acupressure, shiatsu, arthrosis traction and the use of carbon infrared heat.

Gua Sha is a folk medicine traditional in East Asia and Southeast Asia. Superficial scraping with light pressure opens blood vessels and promotes blood circulation. The Gua Sha program of the massage chair is often used in combination with acupressure, whereby specific points on the thighs, calves and ankles are stimulated. Acupressure activates the body’s self-healing powers and contributes to a speedy recovery.

With the deep-acting carbon infrared heat, the nerve cells expand and blood circulation improves, which has a relaxing effect on your body. Another program of the Casada massage chair is the Shiatsu massage.

Shiatsu is a Japanese body therapy that helps to increase well-being by stimulating individual points on the body. Stretches and rotations massage pressure points and loosen the muscles.

Another massage to increase well-being is reflexology. Increasing and decongesting cushions in combination with massage rollers exert pressure on the reflex zones of the feet, which has a relaxing effect on the body and invigorating on the feet.

The multifunctional high-end massage chair – time to relax

The multifunctional high-end massage chairs from Casada International offer various features to improve well-being and promote health. Let yourself be torn from your everyday life by the best workmanship and maximum functionality and enjoy the moment for yourself. The massage chairs from Casada offer the right functions for every customer.

No day has enough time, but every day we should take enough time.” – John Donne

The Skyliner A300 is part of the elite among massage chairs and, with its countless massage functions and programs, fulfills all of our customers’ wishes and needs. With the Hilton II, we at Casada International offer a massage chair that is particularly suitable for relaxing hours. The intuitive operation helps to customize your massage units. With its vibration functions, the elegant MoodRelax massage chair causes the calves and buttocks to vibrate gently, which promotes blood circulation and intensifies the massage effect. Discover the diverse functions of our massage chairs.

Not sure? Test the massage chairs in our showroom

Are you unsure which massage chair is right for you? Convince yourself of our large selection of high-quality massage chairs. In our showroom, we would be happy to present you with all of the massage chairs in our current product line. Let us advise you personally and put our massage chairs through their paces. You are welcome to visit our showroom in Paderborn at any time during our business hours Mon – Fri between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., also on Saturdays by arrangement. To ensure that we can give you professional advice on site, please make an appointment in advance.

The multifunctional high-end massage chair – time to relax

With air cushions that rise and fall in combination with foot rollers, the massage chairs from Casada enable the foot reflex zones to be stimulated and blood circulation to be improved. In addition, the reflex zone massage has a beneficial effect on the entire organism. Additional stretching massages relieve the spine and relieve deep-seated tension. Areas that are particularly in need can be treated more intensively thanks to switchable functions and their flexible conversion. Integrated airbags support the massage programs and treat specific parts of the body for maximum relaxation. The kneading massages for the shoulders and neck and the yoga massage program as a targeted stretching massage offer additional refinements. The massage chairs from Casada offer extra functions to promote blood circulation, relieve tension and maximize relaxation. Let your personal masseur massage you in the form of a high-quality massage chair whenever and as often as you want. Treat yourself to the luxury of a “massage chair” and take the time to relax.

Technical refinements in the massage chair for individual adjustment of the massage functions

The multifunctional massage chairs from Casada International combine elegant design, high quality and technical innovations with an unbeatable price-performance ratio. The high-end massage chairs are tailored to the personal health needs of their users and have individually adjustable massage functions for the best massage results and maximum relaxation.

Innovation is when you keep going anyway.
– Hans-Jürgen Quadbeck-Seeger

In order to increase well-being and improve the quality of life in the long term, the massage chairs from Casada offer various massage functions such as S massages, L massages, 2D and 3D massages and automatic programs. Find out more about the innovative massage technologies of the massage chairs from Casada International.

The massage chair with innovative massage technology

The massage chairs from Casada International impress with the highest functionality and particularly precise adjustment options. This allows settings to be made for the distance between the massage rollers, the massage speed, the intensity of the air pressure and the positioning of the massage heads. The adjustable footrest adapts individually to any body size and thus offers an optimal massage experience for every proportion. The massage chairs are particularly space-saving and can be easily set up in any room. Due to technical subtleties, the massage chair moves forward before it goes into the lying position. But other technical refinements such as 3D massage technology also enable a customized massage for every requirement. The massage robot determines the position of certain sections of your spine in order to adapt to your body and your needs during the massage. Pressure variations and the extended mobility of the massage rollers ensure a particularly precise and relaxing massage.

The extra of technology in the massage chair

The massage chairs embody the perfect collaboration between technology and design. Anyone looking for relaxation combined with technical finesse will not be disappointed with the massage chairs. Thanks to the latest technologies, the massage chairs enable a unique relaxation experience. The soothing massage can be idealized by the integrated sound system with your favorite music. Listen to music via the music function or stream your favorite tracks via Bluetooth. You can also charge your smartphone using the built-in USB charger in the massage chair. During your relaxing massage, the O² ionizer of the massage chair cleans the surrounding air of pollutants – an optimal all-round experience to feel good. The state of relaxation is brought to a new level by the innovative and unique braintronics® technology. Learn more about brainwave stimulation via audio.

Massage chair – relaxing and soothing for your back

Professional massages are popular because they offer an ideal opportunity to do something good for your back and neck while at the same time switching off from everyday life.

If you want to enjoy massages not only on special occasions, but also at any time in your own home, a massage chair is a compact and functional device with many extras.

The massage chair is a practical health helper with a variety of functions

For the back area as well as the muscles and the neck, a massage is not only relaxing, but also health-promoting. It stimulates blood circulation, relieves tension and blockages and stimulates the muscles.

Our massage chairs for massage at home have numerous features that offer you maximum regeneration. This gives you the opportunity to adapt the functions of the massage chair to your individual needs.

These range from deep-acting heat radiation to kneading and tapping in dual action to swelling and deflating airbags and the stimulation of natural muscle reflexes.

Our multifunctional massage chairs are available from us in different versions.

Massage chair as a convenient and comfortable piece of furniture for automatic massage

Our massage chairs with extensive massage functions are extremely space-saving, as the massage chair moves forward for the lying position and therefore only requires a very small distance from the wall.

With the practical remote control, you can easily set the desired functions by hand and change them at any time if necessary. With this piece of seating furniture you can increase your personal well-being and your quality of life in an uncomplicated way.

Use the massage chair every day and enjoy an improvement in mobility and the recovery of your back muscles.

High-end massage chairs from Casada – the ideal choice for the home

Massage is good for your health and has positive effects on your body and mind. Nowadays we have fewer and fewer rest periods in everyday life. The result is often that we suffer from painful tension and exhaustion. A targeted massage with the massage chair exerts beneficial and relaxed influences on you and offers an uncomplicated but effective break from the stress and hectic pace of everyday life. Thanks to our multifunctional high-end massage chairs, you have the opportunity to bring this experience into your own home. With these massage chairs, you can simply leave any tension behind.

Our high-quality massage chairs combine quality and functionality

All our products are characterized by an extraordinarily good price-performance ratio. The massage chairs are kept in an attractive and elegant design and have the best material properties. Various programs make it possible to promote blood circulation and optimize your well-being through the well-known methods of Shiatsu, arthrosis traction, Gua Sha massage and the use of carbon infrared heat. All of these massages with the massage chair have a positive effect on your muscles and back.

Easily select different settings using the remote control

Our massage chairs have various automatic programs, such as B. the Gua Sha massage. The Gua Sha massage comes from folk medicine in East and South Asia. The blood circulation is promoted by light pressure and the blood vessels are widened. This type of massage is most effective when used in combination with acupressure. The slight stimulation at specific points on the calves, ankles or thighs has revitalizing effects on the entire organism. As a result, the treatment stimulates the body’s own self-healing powers. The carbon infrared heat also improves blood circulation and expands the nerve cells. With the Japanese Shiatsu technique, the gentle pressure stimulates individual points on the body to loosen the muscles and eliminate tension. The reflex zone massage takes care of the feet, which are treated with massage rollers and thus invigorated. You will find all of these functions on our modern, high-quality massage chairs, so that you can put together an individual relaxation program for every requirement.

Find the right massage chair in our selection and look forward to a good time at home.